Dear Women, Stop being judgmental twats.


“How many of you have every felt personally victimized by Regina George?”

How many variations of Regina George have you known in your lifetime? A woman who gossips and rips other women apart for her own personal pleasure. Perhaps you have gone to school with her, worked with her, shared mutual friends with her, or maybe she is even part of your family. Continue reading


I’m the Crazy Bitch Around Here


What is the deal with men calling women crazy? Unless we have burned down your house, physically held you hostage, publicly shared your secrets, or harmed you or a member of your family (or one of your friends or pets): WE AREN’T CRAZY! It seems to me that men are often quick to use this word (just like they call women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’), because it’s an easy way to insult and hurt a woman. Other than making a woman more angry than they already are, I can’t imagine that being called ‘crazy’ has ever really upset a woman. What does that even mean, crazy? Continue reading

A Cat Allergy?


We’ve all heard a ‘first date’ horror story; one where the evening doesn’t just not go as planned, but goes terribly wrong. Maybe these stories are filled with humor, maybe they are filled with humiliation, and maybe sometimes they have a happy ending. I have very few stories like this, until now. Settle in readers, because I have a ‘first date’ horror story for you.  Continue reading

The Transition Guy


The transition guy: a man who a woman spends time with to help her transition out of a relationship, but whom she would never seriously date. Isn’t this just the perfect situation: a man who understands his place in your life, and the objective of what the two of you are doing. Perhaps a ‘crutch’ is the best way to begin moving forward, or at least figuring out what the hell it is that you want/are doing. If both people understand, and are in agreement, about what both of you are doing… isn’t a transitional person a good thing? Continue reading

The Unsolicited Dick Pic


Is there anything better than opening up a text message and seeing a picture of a penis? Seriously, ladies, can you think of anything better than this? Doesn’t it make your day to know that a special man in your life is thinking of you, and feels so strongly about you that he wants to show you a picture of his dick? Before opening this text, you were probably just drifting through your day, trying to find meaning in all of the emptiness of life. Thank God that this man swooped in to save the day, and bestow upon you exactly what has been missing in your life: his dick! Men to the rescue, yet again! Isn’t your day just a little brighter because you’ve been blessed with this beautiful photo? Doesn’t it make you feel special; lucky, even?  Continue reading