Here comes the pain


Pain, hurt, and sadness: the feelings that fight to avoid. We build up our walls, attempting to keep ourselves from every having to experience feeling unpleasantness. Having to feel even an ounce of hurt will send us running to protect ourselves in a myriad of ways: turning Continue reading

Everything blurry


There comes a time, during personal growth, where everything becomes blurred. What we thought we saw, or knew, so clearly is perhaps not exactly true. Once we choose to explore ourselves, our perceptions, we question our own motivations and our long held beliefs about what is real and true Continue reading

Life Goes On

Beautifully written post. Sometimes it’s good to put our own problems into perspective! Enjoy! Xoxo – AF

The Loud Mind in a Quiet Soul

“Books have a unique way of stopping time in a particular moment and saying: Let’s not forget this.”

-Dave Eggers

I’ve just finished reading Taking Heart by A.C. Greene, one of the books I mentioned from the previous post, and it had been worthwhile.

Seeing life from a heart transplantee’s point of view is the most life changing experience I’ve ever had from reading a book. It’s an old book, published around year 1990, but the lessons from it are eternal.

Life goes on

That’s the first thing I learned from the book. No matter how much the circumstances around us makes us feel like we’re being dragged to the finish line, life just goes on. It may seem so hard to imagine a future when things aren’t going well for us, but we can’t stop the clock from ticking just because we don’t feel like going on anymore…

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