I Blog Now

My first blog post! It’s taken close to a week for me to decide what to write; a great deal of uncertainty about whether I have anything of interest to say.
This seems a good time to give my potential readers insight into who I am. I have a backstory, just like everyone else. Is it interesting? Unique? Hell if I know! Here it is anyways:
First things first, I’m a thirty-five-year-old single (widowed) mother of a ten-year-old daughter. My husband died of a drug overdose in 2010; I’ve been ashamed of sharing that with people, as I know the stigma that accompanies drug addiction. I’m chronically tired and I spend too much money on clothes. My daughter and I have two cats (Roman and Julie) who are obese and crazy. I’m mom to a daughter who is bright, extremely funny, kind, and whose need to be the center of attention is alien to me. I’m over educated and still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up. I’m a hopeless romantic who doesn’t understand adult relationships. I read, I shop, I laugh, I work, I eat junk food, I google health problems, I get laid, I write, I sleep, and I raise my blonde-haired holligan of a daughter.

I’m not a person who identifies as having a sad or difficult life, although this is what I’ve had. I take pleasure in finding the humor in virtually everything, and have an optimistic outlook on life. I decided to start this blog to hopefully bring a little joy to anyone who is facing difficulty in their life.
At the end of each day, Roman and Julie are fat and happy, my daughter has a captive audience, and I still haven’t had a nervous breakdown.

Life… It’s the bees knees.


11 thoughts on “I Blog Now

  1. Rrally good first post!
    Welcome 😊
    I believe I think the same way as you do. I have had misfortunes in my past but somehow I always tend not identify my life or me as sad, I’m rather optimistic.
    Good luck! 😊


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