If someone were to make a Lifetime Movie about my life, it would be called: The Plant Killer (the story of a woman who doesn’t remember to water her plants). I’d hope that my Lifetime movie would have a more creative name, but things could always be worse, right? 

“P” was very good about sending flowers to me, when we were dating, and twice sent me an orchid. Said orchids are still alive (a few years later), and I’ve been quite careful about making sure they are watered on schedule, moving them to different locations to get more sunlight, checking the temperature in the room to ensure the ideal humidity and temperature, etc. A co-worker once said that those orchids are the botanical representation of “P”: they are difficult to manage, high maintenance, and needy. I’ve often thought about this each time I check on the orchids, water them, etc.

I have religiously cared for these orchids to ensure their survival…. until recently. Without giving any thought to it, I stopped watering them; maybe I was subconsciously driven to not touch them, who knows. Today, I went to take a look at them and found that they are beginning to grow new shoots and leaves. All of the effort I put into them, and they grow and begin to flourish when I neglect them?! Come on!

Perhaps these orchids are a good metaphor for my relationship with “P”: when I was deliberately trying to care for him and our relationship very little between us flourished or grew; if I loosened my hold and put my attention elsewhere, things were healthier and happier.

This is a good life lesson for me. Ignoring basic house plants will end with their death after a few days; orchids can be ignored for a month and actually become stronger and more beautiful.


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