A Cat Allergy?


We’ve all heard a ‘first date’ horror story; one where the evening doesn’t just not go as planned, but goes terribly wrong. Maybe these stories are filled with humor, maybe they are filled with humiliation, and maybe sometimes they have a happy ending. I have very few stories like this, until now. Settle in readers, because I have a ‘first date’ horror story for you.  Continue reading


The Transition Guy


The transition guy: a man who a woman spends time with to help her transition out of a relationship, but whom she would never seriously date. Isn’t this just the perfect situation: a man who understands his place in your life, and the objective of what the two of you are doing. Perhaps a ‘crutch’ is the best way to begin moving forward, or at least figuring out what the hell it is that you want/are doing. If both people understand, and are in agreement, about what both of you are doing… isn’t a transitional person a good thing? Continue reading

The Unsolicited Dick Pic


Is there anything better than opening up a text message and seeing a picture of a penis? Seriously, ladies, can you think of anything better than this? Doesn’t it make your day to know that a special man in your life is thinking of you, and feels so strongly about you that he wants to show you a picture of his dick? Before opening this text, you were probably just drifting through your day, trying to find meaning in all of the emptiness of life. Thank God that this man swooped in to save the day, and bestow upon you exactly what has been missing in your life: his dick! Men to the rescue, yet again! Isn’t your day just a little brighter because you’ve been blessed with this beautiful photo? Doesn’t it make you feel special; lucky, even?  Continue reading

I’ve dated all of the wrong men (so you won’t have to!)


Hi. I’m the lesser known Taylor Swift of dating. This year marks my second decade of dating!  I know how exciting this is, and you’re welcome to throw me a party to celebrate (please feel free to bring along some wine). It’s been an interesting twenty years, and I’m going to drop some wisdom on you about the different types of men out there (and who to stay away from). Let’s jump in, shall we? Continue reading

Listen to your girlfriends; Listen to yourself 

Ladies, if there is anyone out there who knows you better than you know yourself, it’s your girlfriends. The women who are you closest confidants, your soul mates, and the people who you end up having the deepest, and most meaningful relationships with. Your girlfriends are your people. These are the women who will support your dumb choices, and who will never say that they “told you so” when you don’t listen to their advice. They are the women who know your soul, who know every move your going to make before you make it, and who care for you when life doesn’t turn out like you’d planned. Listen to the advice that your girlfriends give you! They know you better than anyone, and they are probably right!  Continue reading

Fear of commitment (and a wake up call)


Committing to another person seems like one of the craziest things one can do. It’s not in our nature to spend our entire lives with only one person. Save for a few animals (penguins, lobsters, etc.), remaining with only one partner isn’t something that is natural to us at the core of our being. Commitment takes away freedom for personal exploration. It takes away our sense of independence and free will. It requires that we place the feelings of another above our own. Commitment removes the opportunity to be guiltlessly promiscuous. Continue reading