Listen to your girlfriends; Listen to yourself 

Ladies, if there is anyone out there who knows you better than you know yourself, it’s your girlfriends. The women who are you closest confidants, your soul mates, and the people who you end up having the deepest, and most meaningful relationships with. Your girlfriends are your people. These are the women who will support your dumb choices, and who will never say that they “told you so” when you don’t listen to their advice. They are the women who know your soul, who know every move your going to make before you make it, and who care for you when life doesn’t turn out like you’d planned. Listen to the advice that your girlfriends give you! They know you better than anyone, and they are probably right! 

I’ve been blessed to have a handful of close girlfriends. Most of these women I have known for 25 years. I don’t know what my life would look like without them. When it comes to men, they have been there through every single moment with me. They’ve been there to laugh at some of the men I’ve dated, they’ve shared my joy as I fell in love, and they’ve selflessly walked through my heartache with me. There aren’t enough words for how wonderful these women are, and how precious they are to me.
For as well as they know me, you’d think that I would be better at taking their advice (I’m not).

My girlfriends are, as a whole, not terribly thrilled with Paul. Maybe it’s not him exactly, but it’s the way that I always end up heartbroken because of him. When we started spending time together again recently, and I shared this with my friends, I received an almost unanimous sounding “ugh.” The unsolicited advice I received was that he hadn’t changed, was going to end up leaving again, that I should know better, and basically a whole lot of dead on advice. Even my therapist said “He’s going to drop you whenever he feels like it, with no regard for your feelings.” I didn’t listen, I thought that I knew better than everyone else, and that he had seemed like he was figuring out that I was who he wanted. Of course, all of my friends were right… and I wasn’t. Here I sit again, upset and hurt because of him, and thinking that I should have listened.

Listen to your girlfriends, ladies. They are the people who want the best for you, and they are going to steer you in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “Listen to your girlfriends; Listen to yourself 

  1. One of my upcoming pieces has to do with girlfriends advice too as well as guy friends advice. It’s all so important as we journey in our lives together, especially relationships. Great piece

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