Meet Cute


Has the age of the internet and online dating killed old-fashioned romance? How often are us single gals told by well-meaning family and friends, “You should really try to meet someone. What about online dating? It’s a good place to meet people!” What happened to meeting someone by chance, Continue reading

I’m the Crazy Bitch Around Here


What is the deal with men calling women crazy? Unless we have burned down your house, physically held you hostage, publicly shared your secrets, or harmed you or a member of your family (or one of your friends or pets): WE AREN’T CRAZY! It seems to me that men are often quick to use this word (just like they call women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’), because it’s an easy way to insult and hurt a woman. Other than making a woman more angry than they already are, I can’t imagine that being called ‘crazy’ has ever really upset a woman. What does that even mean, crazy? Continue reading