I’m the Crazy Bitch Around Here


What is the deal with men calling women crazy? Unless we have burned down your house, physically held you hostage, publicly shared your secrets, or harmed you or a member of your family (or one of your friends or pets): WE AREN’T CRAZY! It seems to me that men are often quick to use this word (just like they call women ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’), because it’s an easy way to insult and hurt a woman. Other than making a woman more angry than they already are, I can’t imagine that being called ‘crazy’ has ever really upset a woman. What does that even mean, crazy?

I may only be speaking for myself here, but I’ve generally never been upset by being called ‘crazy’ or a ‘bitch.’ To me, I find that men don’t seem to grasp the art that accompanies a woman’s upset. We are not simple creatures who will show our upset by a fist fight. Instead, we will hold it in until we determine the best possible way to let someone know that we are upset or hurt. Does this make us crazy? Or does this just make us more patient, and masterful at finding ways to express our feelings? Ā I think that it is the latter: we are patient, intelligent, and methodical in how we plan to show our upset or hurt.

Could we for one moment call into question how we are driven to this, at times, by men? Guys, seriously, your behavior drives women to the depths of insanity. If you think you’re dealing with a crazy woman, I’ve gotta say that her behavior has been fostered by your own. Personally, I do not call people, cry, beg, yell, or just generally smother them; I do all of these things when I’m faced with losing the person whom I love. Does this make me crazy? Or does this make me open to expressing my emotions, as this is in fact something that women do (often)? Have I burned anyone’s house down (answer: no), have I ever held anyone physically hostage (answer: no), have I ever publicly shared anyone’s secrets (answer: I’ve thought about it, many times, and have chosen not to each time), have I ever harmed a member of someone’s family or their pet (answer: never). This isn’t to say that I haven’t had moments that I look back on and cringe, but never any moments of doing anything truly ‘crazy.’

Reflecting on the things I’ve done during my breakup with “P”, I see that each and every one of them was a response to his behavior, and while many of the things may be emotionally hurtful, they were all reactions to the behavior which he was showing me.

Off to buy some matches and duct tape….

19 thoughts on “I’m the Crazy Bitch Around Here

  1. Keep writing i swear i will read every single thing you post! I’m positive any ‘crazy’ behavior on my part was always brought on by a man. I’ve never acted in those ways to my girlfriends or my family hahaa! And spent a lot of time on my own and it was peaceful and simply lovely! never did anything ‘crazy’ to myself either…yup it was them no doubt!

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    • Thank you so much! It seems like common sense to me that the vast majority of us are not, innately, crazy! What can be terribly frustrating is how men feel that their perception of our behavior is fact: we are crazy, period. Ugh. Amazing how most of us have spent the majority of our lives as kind, calm people… yet when men get involved in our lives, our behavior often changes. What’s the X factor here? Guys, it’s you! Haha… Thank you again! I always love hearing from you! Your comments make me smile and feel all warm inside! Xoxo

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  2. Yeah, i love your writing too. Honestly – i think i have the ability like you to display behaviour that *could* be considered as crazy. But, as you say, only in response to something serious. I am an emotional person and like you will behave differently to protect my love and my happiness.

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  3. I swear I could have written this too – you nailed it! It is our partner’s behavior that makes us react – we don’t just wake up and say I’m going to be crazy today. I’ve had cringe worthy communication moments too, but it is after I’ve been pushed to the brink. Thank you for this.

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  5. I became “clinically insane” when I refused to allow my husband to bring his tramp to Florida, stay in my house and sleep together in my bed, while I slept on the sofa.
    Mine is a very long story but basically, when I stood up to that maggot and roared….I suddenly became insane.

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    • How dare you stand up for yourself in this sort of situation?!?!? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! Don’t you know that ‘normal’ women are completely passive about their husbands bringing other women into their homes?

      First, he sucks. Second, the woman he was with sucks too. Third, let homeboy know that the DSM has no diagnosis for ‘clinical insanity’, so he should read up before throwing this phrase around. Lastly, GOOD FOR YOU! You are AMAZING, and certainly not crazy!

      Thanks for writing! šŸ˜Š


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