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Has the age of the internet and online dating killed old-fashioned romance? How often are us single gals told by well-meaning family and friends, “You should really try to meet someone. What about online dating? It’s a good place to meet people!” What happened to meeting someone by chance, and having a love story that begins with this act of serendipity? What about the romance of the universe leading you to a specific person, with whom you fall in love? Is it that people are no longer patient enough to see what fate brings them? Are people too busy staring at their phones to notice the people around them? Has online dating taken over as the preferred method of meeting people, that those of us who prefer old fashioned meetings are doomed to be alone?

I understand that there are all sorts of great aspects to online dating, I really do. I have just never been a person whose intention it is to date. I’m not looking for endless dates, awkward dinners, or the hardship of building a connection with many men. Over the years, I have been in serious relationships (and married) to people whom I have either known for a long time, or whom I have met by chance. It’s my comfort zone, and I am terribly attached to it. I’m certainly not judging those who find that online dating works for them, I just wonder if those of us who are hold outs for meeting people the ‘old fashioned way’ are now at a disadvantage.

I had dinner with an ex-boyfriend last week, and we were discussing this subject. He had asked how things were with “P”, and while I was bemoaning the saga of my discontent with that situation, he suggested that maybe I start a Tinder account (and to my knowledge, isn’t this just a site for hookups?). I shot him a displeased look, to which he said, “Actually online dating doesn’t fit for you. You’re old fashioned. You need a ‘meet cute’ situation.” I’ll always love him for things like this: knowing me that well, and using the phrase ‘meet cute’ before I did. He went on to make some fun suggestions about where I should go to meet men: farmer’s markets and book stores. “Maybe you’ll fall in love in the ‘best sellers’ section of an independent book store,” he said. The truth is that it doesn’t matter the exact place where I meet someone, but just that I want to meet that person by chance; not because I am lonely and searching with intention to date.

So what do old-fashioned romantics do to find other like-minded people? I mean, other than write about it. Is there some sort of place we can meet up, where each person meets a potential partner through a series of adorable events? A pre-planned ‘meet cute’ situation. There’s gotta be a market for this sort of thing! Okay… off to the bookstore for me!


11 thoughts on “Meet Cute

  1. After failing in two marriages, I have decided that the unicorn that would put up with me (and I with her) lives in a forest so deep, an island so distant that Jason and his Argonauts would have to help me find her. Hence, I have settled for a lovely kitty who says things I cannot understand but loves me… or at least likes sleeping on me. Romance is an equation solved by chance; increase the number of interactions and you increase the probability you will meet the person who is waiting for you. Good luck! Kind regards, MSOC

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    • I always enjoy your comments. While I’m optimistic that the unicorn you seek is not that far from your grasp, I relate completely to this feeling (and cats are certainly a great companion in the meantime!). I’m not sure if I’ve used up all of my chances for great love, but I’m unable to give up hope that there is someone out there who is well suited for me (and I for him). Xoxo

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  2. I love the meet cute and the movie The Holiday, where I think it originated right? I’ve met guys pretty much everywhere, especially when I’m not looking and have been in a relationship of course. Now where are they? lol! I’m pretty friendly and will smile a lot at strangers – which also gets me into trouble too sometimes šŸ˜‰ I say just be open to everything and don’t try too hard. It’s the approach I’m taking and this past weekend I met lots of guys, unfortunately my heart is still somewhere else so I’m not acting on much right now.

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    • You’re the second person to tell me about ‘The Holiday’! I may need to watch it this week. I’m in the same boat, sister. I have no real problem meeting people, it’s simply that my heart isn’t in it. You can’t force yourself to be ready for something else, I suppose; just have to be open to it coming along when you are ready. Somehow it doesn’t seem like things should be this difficult, right? At least not after the age of 30!

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  3. My parents (who met in the 80s) are the least romantic people you’ll ever meet, and yet they had my favorite Meet Cute of all time. In fact, they had TWO of them. And I think there’s always been a part of me that’s been searching for that. I’ve tried online dating, and, with the exception of one of the relationships that sprung from that (which I messed up), they’ve all been trying, terrible experiences. Honestly, I just don’t think it’s for everyone. Maybe some of us need that Meet Cute (sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen for me).

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    • Wait a minute, sister. I don’t like that last sentiment at all! Don’t give up on being open to this happening for you!

      I agree that online dating just isn’t for everyone. Some of us just need something different (and some of us are afraid that they’re going to end up in a well in someone’s basement, putting the lotion on their skin). A meet cute is just simply the only way for some of us… which is difficult (but also probably worth the difficulty in the long run).

      Just like you haven’t given up on writing and publishing your book… don’t give up on meeting someone. šŸ™‚


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  4. Aw, I can totally see why you’d be nervous about how it may look and feel to be a Tinder user. But,it’s so not just for hookups! I’m actually now married to my Tinder sweetheart, and because of this guy, I’ve been experiencing more romance than ever! You’ve really got nothing to lose. šŸ˜‰


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