Bitch, I’m back

Bet you thought I was gone for good! You were sorely mistaken. I’m back, and I’m pissed. 

You remember my ex, right? Of course you do. Long story short, homeboy and I have continued our on again, off again romance for the last year. I remained steadfast that we would find our way back to each other permanently – yes, I’m a fool. Fast forward to today, when he shares with me that he can no longer hang out with me because he’s seeing someone. I’ve already cycled from grief and sadness to anger (thanks to the bottle of wine I finished off after work). I sound like a broken record: I love him, why doesn’t he want me! Point blank: yeah, why doesn’t he want me? I’m a fucking catch. I’m hot, I’m smart, I’m witty and funny, and I’m a loyal woman. He acts like I’m damaged goods, a person who is unlovable because of her flaws. It’s his loss, right? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to believe? That’s what people say. It is his fucking loss, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m crushed.

All of this said…. I’m back! 


6 thoughts on “Bitch, I’m back

  1. Welcome back! Sorry you had all this going on. I learned my lesson taking back an ex this past summer and the breakup was brutal. Never again will I go back with an ex – I now realize why they are exes and why they should stay that way. We both deserve better.

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