Here comes the pain


Pain, hurt, and sadness: the feelings that fight to avoid. We build up our walls, attempting to keep ourselves from every having to experience feeling unpleasantness. Having to feel even an ounce of hurt will send us running to protect ourselves in a myriad of ways: turning Continue reading

Everything blurry


There comes a time, during personal growth, where everything becomes blurred. What we thought we saw, or knew, so clearly is perhaps not exactly true. Once we choose to explore ourselves, our perceptions, we question our own motivations and our long held beliefs about what is real and true Continue reading

Where are my things?

baggage The inevitable returning of things when a breakup takes place.  Does anyone really want their ‘stuff’ back after a breakup?  It is just stuff; it’s not really worth much. The awkward exchanging of items is typically uncomfortable and unenjoyable for all parties involved, right?  At the same time it does allow a little bit of closure: a short meeting to say your goodbyes, to wish the other well, to have a heartfelt moment. It’s cathartic. Continue reading