A Dichotomy Personified


Is there anyone out there whose sense of self is so ardent, that he or she exists only in black and white? Is anyone truly unwavering about who they are, what they want, or how they feel? Is it better to be stable and steadfast about yourself and life? Or could it be that allowing yourself the freedom to choose what makes you happy ‘in the moment’ is best? We all know the old saying about the grass being greener Continue reading


Defining Moments


There are people, places, things (all of the nouns), and moments that define us. We are a product of our life experiences. How we approach life, each other, and ourselves has been shaped by various personal moments in time. If we look very carefully at ourselves, we can almost pinpoint where a specific behavior, interest, or disdain came from.   Continue reading

Free to Be You and Me


Difficult, crazy, hard, too much, and complicated: these are all things I’ve been called, not only by exes, but by friends, family, and enemies.  I’ve tried over the years to hide these things about myself, to minimize and control how I allow myself to be seen by others, but these things always end up shining through the cracks in the false persona that I’ve created.  In recent months I’ve begun to question whether it is healthy to correct, soften, or control who I am, or whether it is best for me to be who I am and accept that others may or may not want to be apart of my life. Continue reading